BEAUTY SCHOOL 202: B. Transgender Makeup Secrets

Crossdresser Makeup Application in Progress

Then ten seconds later everyone went about the business of making themselves look fabulous. Perhaps they made a few comments about the transvestite sitting next to them, but no one said anything to me.

Don’t let the weight of society’s unease scare you off. If you go through with it you can learn, in person  these three

Transgender Makeup Secrets

I’m about to share with you now.

Before I go further it’s worth mentioning that there are many valuable resources on the Internet that can help you become proficient in makeup application – Thanks to regular reader and commenter Lynn who shared as a great place to get makeup tips. Amazon is also a great place to find high quality mineral makeup at a reasonable price. This mineral makeup starter kit is perfect for crossdressers – you get two colors of foundation, brushes, finisher and bronzer (perfect for that sunkissed look!) as well as a load of other free goodies.

The first makeup secret I learned  is: Start applying foundation from the outside of your cheeks in. This allows you to control your coverage better, and helps you avoid dumping all your foundation on your cheek bones.

For the longest time I had started both my foundation and bronzer on my cheek bones. Usually I ended up struggling to cover an overly enthusiastic application – after all, I was trying for the “less clown, more well made up women look”.

The next crossdresser makeup tip is: apply bronzer as if you’re drawing a three on your face. Starting at your forehead, paint the brush down the side of your face and in to your cheeks, then curl down again to your jawline. If you’ve already got a well defined and muscular jawline you may not want to accentuate it futher, so just do the top half of the three.

Over the last few months I’ve become partial to lipgloss. It gives me a more fresh, young look, and it’s easier to apply than lipstick. The makeup consultant convinced me to give lipstick another try – especially for the subtle day time look. Her makeup tip is to apply lipstick with a small brush (slightly smaller than your concealer brush). This allows you to put the lipstick on more precisely – avoiding the need for lip liner.

Check out Bare Minerals other kits too!  

People also rave about the 10-piece miracle camouflage make-up kit from Smart Cover.  Claims are that it covers it all, from dark eye circles to varicose veins. Tattoos or scars disappear in seconds, and it conceals naturally without caking. Goes on creamy and dries to a matte finish without setting powder. Also covers skin conditions such as Vitiligo, Rosacea, Lupus, Eczema, and port wine stains.


As I practice makeup application I’ve seen my skills advance from ‘not even a clown would be caught dead wearing this’ to ‘average girl style’. I’ve been helped along by every crossdresser’s makeup Bible – Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin, as well as the endless video tutorials on Youtube. Though nothing can quite compare to consistent practice and critique. A light application of makeup every day (even in guy mode) has helped me hone the speed and skill at which I can create my canvas. In preparing my canvas I start with moisturizer, sunscreen, eye cream, concealer, foundation, bronzer, powder, a neutral eye shadow and sometimes lip gloss or lightly colored lipstick.

With your canvas set you can then experiment with different eye shadows, liner, mascara, blush and shades of lipstick. You’ll find that certain color combinations look good with your skin tone, and the interplay between your eyes, lips and cheeks will either be fabulous or dragulous.

A few things I learned at Esprit:

Feather the lip liner rather than coloring in the entire lip. When applying lip liner start by outlining your lips, then draw a few strokes down from the outer edges of your lips inward. Smack your lips together a few times to blend the liner over your lips then apply your favorite shade of lipstick. By feathering the lip liner you’ll prevent the lipstick from smudging while making it less obvious that you’ve applied lip liner.

Use two coats of mascara to make your eyes pop. Apply the first coat starting from the roots of your lashes, then leave it to dry. Once the mascara is dry apply a second coat to just the tips of your lashes. This is a quick and easy way to get a bit of extra length on those gorgeous lashes. I highly recommend Cover Girl’s LashBlast Mascara. I try to use high end makeup where possible, but I’ve yet to find a mascara that matches CoverGirl’s Lashblast.

Layer mineral makeup for greater coverage. I tend to apply fairly light makeup, and while I highly recommend Bare Escentual’s Mineral Makeup there are times I’ve wished for more coverage. A neat trick I learned is to apply mineral makeup in layers. Three or four light layers of mineral makeup will give you a lot more coverage without feeling heavy or flaking off. If you try to apply it all in one heavy coat you’ll end up with clumping, flaking and uneven coverage.

Start applying brush higher on the cheeks for a different look. I’m in love with the look where the blush is darkest near the hairline, but I had failed quite spectacularly to recreate it. The secret is to start the first application of blush higher on the cheek. The first place you touch will be the darkest, no matter how often you blend and fill other places. Now I start by brushing downwards from high on the cheek, then blend up until I get the intensity of blush I want. One nice benefit for crossdressers who are new to makeup application is that this approach makes it more difficult to look like a clown since most of the color isn’t centered on your cheeks.

Most importantly – there is no right or wrong in fashion and makeup application. Styles come and go, everyone has a unique features and skin tone, we’re of different ages with different personalities. Experiment and find what works for you. Not all of us can be as extravagant as Lady Gaga but that shouldn’t stop you from finding the style that shines you in the best light!

3 Transgender Makeup Secrets you won’t learn at home! | Crossdresser Heaven.


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